Vision, Message, Strategic Objectives and Quality policy

The Vision of the University

The Arab Private University for Science and Technology seeks to become as the first intended university for students among the syrian universities in the quality of education, scientific research, and the service of the society for the sake of reaching higher ranks among the regional and international universities.

The Message of the University

The Arab Private University for Science and Technology amis at qualifying graduates for success and excellence in the business market and higher studies through modern and advanced courses which are suitable for international, regional and local requirements and developments and also the choice of members of the teaching staff with high scientific qualifications and the application of the latest quality managment system and the international academic credence.

The Arab University works hard in order to achieve its aims and message through adopting a number of values and principle which are:" improvement, continuous development, belonging, justice, honesty, transparency, faithfulness, cooperative work, creativity and excellence. 

The Strategic Objectives of the University

The Arab University amis through its vision and message for:

   ✔ The continuous development of the educational courses in the university according to the recent achievement of modern sciences to qualify graduates support the society with the different specializations which are capable of getting along with the international developments.

   ✔ Encouraging and supporting scientific research.

   ✔ Starting programs of higher studies to prepare an academic staff with excellent competency.

   ✔ Working on qualifying and attracting excellent member of the teaching staff of all scientific specializations needed for the university.

   ✔ Establishing a center for the service of the society to fulfill the social needs as traning, education, studies and specializes consultations.

   ✔ Applying the international standards to ensure quality and academic credence for the sake of achieving higher positions in the international classification of universities.