The Rector's message


Our respective visitors to the website of the Arab Private University for Science and Technology.

A cordial greeting is sent to you through the University's website, investing your desire to see closely the Arab Private University for Science and Technology in all its scientific and administrative details, and looking at its daily conditions during its career to excellence and achieving its goals in preparing a graduated generation who is capable to serve and develop the community by creating and providing a motivating environment for learning and scientific research.

The Arab Private University for Science and Technology was founded in 2007 with the honour of the President of the Syrian Arab Republic. Since its establishment, the university has endeavoured to achieve a high level of efficiency, progress and scientific development at all levels to be scientific monument at the local, regional and international level.

In order to be an important scientific, cultural and development project aimed to support and develop the higher education in the Syrian Arab Republic. The project was concerned with the adoption of educational and training curriculum and programs with a distinguished teaching staff, as well as its constant pursuit of connecting with universities and distinguished educational institutions, and to apply quality - approved standards and spread its culture in all aspects of the educational and administrative process.


We are proud of our fifteen- year history and the continued progress accompanied with unparalleled excitement about a fruitful future.

We wish our students success in their studies and be active members of the university after their graduation with what they have learned from their professors and the scientific and moral values they have acquired as to be effective and productive members in building their homeland. 

Rector of the Arab Private University for Science and Technology 

            Dr. Marwan Al- Hajji