University Rectorat

Rector of the University

The Higher Education Minister nominates the Rector from the academicians whose academic rank is not less than three years as an Associate Professor and is subject to renewal. The Rector is responsible to apply all rules versus the Law on Organizing Universities. The Rector salary, rights and privileges are determined by a decision of the Council of Trustees and shall be executed by virtue of a special contract signed by the Chair of the Council of Trustees.

Tasks of the Rector

- The University Rector shall administer the University's scientific, educational and research affairs as well as administrative and financial affairs within the limits prescribed by the Council of Trustees and the University Council. He is the commander of the exchange and the maintenance contract, also represents it to others.

- Preparing the scientific, educational and research plans of the University.

- Prepare plans to complete the university's need for educational, laboratory and administrative staff.

- Prepare and implement plans for the development of the scientific, technical and linguistic level and educational qualifying of scientific personnel at the University.

- Prepare plans to complete the University's annual needs of buildings, equipment, tools, and machines and so on, also to submit these plans to the Council of Trustees for discussion to take appropriate decisions.

- Ensure the level of university performance of the scientific, educational, research, administrative, financial and quality assurance of all employees at the university.

- Invite the University Council to convene and chair its meetings and supervise the documentation of its decisions and follow-up their implementation.

- Prepare the draft annual budget and submit it to the Council of Trustees for discussion and approval.

- Submit the report of the University Council to the Council of Trustees at the end of each semester on the performance of the University and include any suggestions he sees in this regard.

- Abeyance of the study totally or partially when necessary. If the period exceeds one week, the Council of Trustees and the Ministry of Higher Education shall be informed.

- Building relations with Syrian, Arab and foreign universities, Arab, regional and international organizations, and strengthening relations with the local community.

- The Rector of the University may delegate some of his powers to any of his deputies or deans within his competence, including financial matters, if the authorization is in written and specified in its content and duration.
- Issue nomination of the vice rectors, the secretary, the deans of the colleges, their deputies, heads of departments, teaching staff and all employees of the university.

The Rector’s Editorial


The Arab University for Sciences and Technology ( AUST ) plays a significant role in the sector of higher Education in Syria through its location in an important geographical region in our beloved country, namely , the Mid – Region which regarded as a fundamental economic and scientific centre.
As the University Rector, I am pleased to salute you, congratulate you and extend to you my heart – left wishes for success and achieving excellence since you have chosen this University to pursue your studies in the field you prefer and feel that you will score a distinction rank that will enable you to chart your hoped – for – future.
Our University, AUST, has achieved through the last few years a high standard in competence and prosperity on various levels. Indeed, it is a sublime light house, mainly because it provides its students with all academic and instructional needs: efficient teaching cadre, academic guidance, up- to- date laboratories, fitting student activities, quality services, scientific, cultural, research and training agreements with public and private institutions and foundations. Hundreds of students have graduated in its various fields.
Lastly, I wish our dear students all success in their studies and I do hope they will be apostles for our University and its teachers’ values: scientific, academic and ethical, so that they can function well in building our country.