Faculty of pharmacy

The faculty of Pharmacy of the Arab Private University for Science and Technology is proud of the presence of a distinguished group of academics  known for their scientific abilities and they ensure the best to the students of faculty of pharmacy and provide them with updates in the field of pharmaceutical science and pharmaceutical industry through the integrated curriculum and research which are approved within the Faculty of Pharmacy's plan. The Faculty of Pharmacy encourages various student activities and work to raise the student's scientific personality. On the other hand, we strive for the scientific coorporation between the college and the other variety of pharmaceutical, scientific and research orgznisations and the other faculties of pharmacy inside and outside the Syrian Arab Republic. With the aim of developing scientific research and postgraduate studies and the processing of pharmaceutical education.

We thank all the staff of the college including teaching members, technical staff and the employees for their determination to pursue the work and their effort to complete the educational process successfully.

 Our dear students I hope you every success to have a brilliant future for our lovely country Syria. 

Dr. Saleh Trefi