Faculty of Informatics Engineering

Dean's message

Faculty of Informatics Engineering is one of the most important faculties in our university. It is Characterized as the desired jurisdiction of this era, the age of information technology. This high academic scientific edifice in our lovely country, Syria, which is located in the central region in Syria.

The Faculty of Informatics Engineering is unique vibrant university study for students through the presentation of outstanding and prestigious scientific experiments which is provided by a constellation of faculty members Who have their contributions to scientific research and their positive achievements. Our College constantly strives to promote the spirit of academic learning and constructive development. From this point of view, the Faculty Administration is making vigorous efforts to select the newest teaching curriculum and integrating them with the latest technology.
It also works diligently to select the best faculty members with outstanding academic experience in university teaching and various areas of scientific research. Creators who provide continuous support to college students in a friendship, paternity and respect environment between professors and students.
 The college aims to teach a standard and sophisticated curriculum in Informatic Engineering and qualify engineers for positions required by local or global business and technical development needs. The faculty is eager to keep up with the development of its educational curriculum.
The department works to upgrade the scientific level by using the latest scientific teaching methods such as laboratories by using modern computers and advanced informatics.
It is logical to be careful to strengthen the ties between the University and society. Our college looks forward to gaining our students high academic competence, excellence in innovation and creativity, participation in local and international conferences and competitions.
 The Faculty was established the decision of the decree No. /132/ in 2016. It contains information technology and features which distinguished young people, good professors and students capable of scientific and intellectual excellence.

Dr. Maisa Diab