Faculty of Chemical Engineering

  • It is an engineering science for the design and development of chemical or transformative industrial processes and for the design, construction and management of factories in which the basic process is chemical reactions.
  • Chemical engineers are interested in the applications of knowledge gained from basic science and practical experiences. They are also interested in the design, development and management of industrial processes with a view to the safe and economic transformation of raw chemicals into useful products.
  • Chemical engineering is a broader-based engineering science among all engineering sciences, and this leads to enterprises and companies being in a constant quest to recruit chemical engineers in diverse technical fields and in supervisory positions in different types of industries.
  • Chemical engineering is concerned with the study of engineering designs related to various chemical industries. Chemical design is a production and commercial objective and is a science of all information to optimize design by selecting the industrial process, its conditions, the chemicals used in it and the devices needed to complete the industrial process.

      اDr. Sabah Al Siba'ei