Faculty of Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering is competent to explore underground oil and gas resources, exploring and working on the production of these hydrocarbons by digging wells that penetrate the covered rock layers of these discovered reservoirs in various methods of geological, geophysical and geochemical exploration. Petroleum engineering has been accredited as an independent academic specialty and has become an engineering specialist which is taught at various universities, in particular, universities of States which are rich in black gold. Petroleum engineering is often associated with the geoscience that studies all economic subjects and touches on geology and Earth chemistry. Petroleum engineering is mainly divided into several engineering disciplines and most universities teach it. But in some universities all the discplines are taught under the name of petroleum engineering for five years ( As in the Faculty of Petroleum Engineering of the Arab Private University for Science and Technology ). They are: oil and gas well drilling engineering, oil and gas production engineering, inventory and petrophysics Engineering, and transport and storage of oil and gas.

 The Faculty of Petroleum Engineering at the Arab Private University for Science and Technology plays an important role in preparing competent engineers to supply the oil sector in our beloved country Syria with a qualified staff that promotes economic situation. That has been throughout a distinguished group of specialized academics and their commitment to provide the best for students. The University also secures scientific and educational supplies from advanced laboratories and scientific, cultural, research and training activities with state and private oil institutions. To introduce what is new in the field of oil and gas engineering and industrial sciences.

 Many thanks to the faculty of Petroleum Engineering members and professionals for following up their work and making every effort for the success of  teaching and education in the faculty.

    I wish success to our dear students, the architects of the future in our beloved country Syria.

Dr. eng. MASRI Moustafa.