Faculty of Translation and Languages

The Faculty of Translation and Languages of the Arab Private University for Science and Technology is one of the faculties that the university enjoys to be almost the only university which has a special department for teaching English literature as a study specialization. Its teaching plan is in line with the study plans applied in most Syrian public universities with some excellence in some courses.

The College offers its students everything needed to study English literature in terms of writing, reading, assimilation, acoustics, vocal system, linguistics, listening and speaking. In addition to the study of literary genres in English literature through its stages of development from its inception to our current age. The study of literary genres such as poetry, theatre, novel and short story aimed to give students information about the history of English and international literature, culture and traditions presented by these works.

The student also studies world literature, classical literature, American literature, literary criticism, critical essay and tour literature. Critical essay courses, moral criticism and comparative literature aim to enhance students' ability to think critically that depends on the logical objective method. Students are also taught a number of translation and localization courses.

The English Department aims to provide the community with graduates who are proficient in English language skills and have the ability to think critically, in addition to knowing the social and cultural traditions which English literature organized. The department contributes to connecting the university with the community by qualifying outstanding competencies that meet the various needs of the community.

Dr. Wassef Salami