Vision Mission and Goals

Vision Become a distinguished educational and research institution in the performance and quality of its programs. Fulfils the aspirations of the State in the transfer, establishment, generation and dissemination of knowledge in a manner that ensures the achievement of the developmental and competitive goals of Syrian Arab Republic. Mission Provide quality educational programs, support research projects and community need that contribute to achieving sustainable development and promote national belonging in accordance with international standards of quality and excellence. Goals 1- Excellence in university performance in line with the requirements of international academic quality.2- Provide the community with specialized scientific capabilities to support the development process.3- Support and stimulate scientific researches, also, qualify and motivate distinguished human cadres.4- Establishing strategic partnerships and agreements with the local community with national/international universities and scientific research centres.5- Promote the innovation and harmonization of learning outcomes according to the requirements of the labour market.

University Council

University Council The University council consists of: The rector and vice-rectorsCollege deans and their vice-deansThe Secretary of the UniversityHeads of academic departmentsManagers of research centersLibrary directorDirector of Student AffairsUnit managers and administrative, financial and other servicesScientific or public scientific figures if they are not more than three members and other than council members.A delegate of the Ministry of Higher Education.A delegate of faculty members.A delegate of the National Union of Syrian Students.Director of accreditation directorate.The university council will hold periodic and regular meetings at least one meeting per month or whenever necessary. The minutes of the meetings of the council will be recorded in a special register prepared for that purpose. A copy of the minutes of the meetings will be deposited with the Ministry of Higher Education. The meetings of the council will not be legal except in the presence of most of the members. In the event of non-completion of the quorum, the date of the subsequent meeting will be determined one week after its date. Decisions are made by most of the votes. The trustworthy of the university will act as the secretariat of the council. Rules of the University Council Determine the rules of admission to the university in consistent with the rules adopted by the Council of Higher Education.Determine the university calendar, the dates of examinations and holidays in accordance with the ministerial decisions.Approve the selection of deans and heads of departments.Develop building plans and complete laboratories, equipment and libraries at the University.Develop special regulations for all university departments and facilities.Nominate faculty members.Coordinate the scientific, training and advisory activities of the faculties and their relationship with the community.Apply the general policy of the university through the drawing up and organization of the services provided by the university in the field of education, training, scientific research, the development plans and possibilities to achieve them.Set the necessary instructions to organize the work at the university.Adoption of agreements with Syrian, Arab and foreign universities, the regional and international organizations also to become effective after the approval of the Council of Trustees and the Ministry of Higher Education.Propose the University's annual budget proposal.Accept all donations received by the University and acting in accordance with the Syrian legislation, in a manner that does not conflict with the objectives of the University and the interest of the State.Propose the salaries of teaching staff to the Council of Trustees.Grant the scientific degrees according to the laws and regulations of higher education.Consider any other matter that the Rector or any member of the Council will propose.The Rector of the University could be delegate to some of the council's terms of reference

Our strategy

Strategic planning The Arab University for Science and Technology relies on three main starting points when developing its strategic plansWhere are we now? Where do we want to be? How do we get there?After answering the previous questions, the Arab University sets out to define its strategic objectives from the environmental analysis of the university in all its colleges and directorates, where the university administration works continuously to determine each of the following:- The strengths are the internal capabilities that will help in meeting the demands and overcoming difficulties.- Weaknesses are the internal deficits that prevent the university from meeting its demands.- Opportunities, which are external conditions or certain trends that facilitate reaching the goal.- Threats, which are external conditions and trends that will affect the university’s efficiency.Objectives of strategic planning at the Arab University for Science and TechnologyThe university develops its strategic plans by trying to answer the following questions:What are the majors in which the university works?What are the activities that the university seeks to do in the future?What are the desires and needs of the clients?What are the expectations of stakeholders?Who are the competitors?What is the size of the sector that we are competing for?What is the impact of technology on the disciplines of the university's work in the future?In addition to the above, the university seeks to have its strategic objectives:Specific, Measurable, Realistic, achievable and specific execution time.