University Secretariat

The secretary of the university is appointed by a decision of the Rector of the University on the proposal of the board of trustees and it is required to have at least a university degree and to be experienced in university affairs. The university secretary performs the work of the council’s secretariat, edits the official documents and records them in a record that sings with the university rector. Tasks of the University Secretary: Acting as the secretary of the university council. Monitoring and coordinating of work in the Departments of the central administration of the university. Follow up the implementation of the decisions of the Higher Education Council and the university councils and the decisions of the rector and his deputies. Decide what is entrusted to him by the university rector. Conducting studies assigned to him/ her by the university rector.
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University Rector’s Office

The university rector’s office is headed by the director of the office and this director enjoys the powers that directors and administrators. Tasks of the University Rector’s office: Organizing the various appointments of the university rector. Following up the completion of tasks and coordinating with the various activities in light of the applied directives and instructions in all work-related matters that needed by the university presidency of the university. Participating in some committees. Drafting, writing, circulating and following up the correspondence of the presidency of the concerned university, in particular foreign correspondences with official and non-official agencies. Organizing, managing, preserving and archiving confidential and private correspondence issued by the university presidency.
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Directorate of Human Resources

The Human Resources Directorate supervises the processes of recruiting, selecting and appointing new employees, selecting the most qualified among them, and training them on their duties at work, and then evaluates them, in addition to supervising the employees’ obligation by the laws, training and development them during their service at the university. The main tasks of the Directorate: Supervising, preservation and archiving all documents, regardless of their form, from inside or outside the university. Preserving administrative documents from various sides, and setting up the necessary mechanisms for their preservation and use. Putting all archive materials into a digital system for preservation, and making them available to all departments at the university. Preparing periodic reports on the achievements of the administration and suggestions for developing them and submitting them to the university rector. Selection of new employees by testing and interviewing them, and ensuring their compatibility with the nature of the job they applied for. Monitoring the employees' activities and ensuring that they implement the tasks required of them. Establishing training and rehabilitation programs that contribute to developing the competencies of individuals at the university, and to ensure that they achieve the best possible performance. Interacting and cooperating with the university administration to ensure continued work efficiency. Supporting the implementation of plans that provide for all the needs that contribute to the continuity of development at the university. Monitoring the progress that is being made in the various functional departments of the university. Towards a distinguished career path, take the initiative now to find out all the necessary details and information to join the Arab Private University for Science and Technology family or to apply for employment by sending an e-mail to the following address:
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Directorate of Admission and Registration

It works to provide an academic database for the university with all its colleges and specializations, as well as supervises the verifying of the conditions for admission and registration. It works also to educate students about the university rules and regulations that they need during their educational career according to what is mentioned in the Universities Organization Law and the relevant decisions of the Higher Education Council. It also participates in preparing the university academic environment and following up the introduction of modern technology in the admission and registration procedures which contributes to improving the mechanism of work performance and the completion of tasks. In addition to its responsibility for the academic system portal that provides students, faculty members, and relevant university departments with access to data, the implementation of registration activities and other academic procedures such as exam results, addition and deletion services, and review of academic and financial information and data such as the academic schedule, grades, academic calendar, attendance and absence balance. And the student's financial balance. Tasks of the Admission and Registration Directorate: Finding a seat at the university for every student who meets the admission requirements. Ensuring to attract the best students to the university who hold a high school diploma. Exerting effort to educate the student about the rules and regulations of study and tests through various means inside and outside the university. Documenting all admission and registration works, obtaining the necessary documents, working to update them continuously, and providing the necessary data and statistics to support the university administration decisions. Working to develop and adapt the registration technology so that the student can follow his academic affairs from anywhere he wants and at any time. Enhancing students' use of the online portal for registration purposes and following up on developments in academic records. Enhancing the use of the academic system by colleges and faculty members with the aim of reviewing students ’academic records and enabling academic advising committees to successfully perform the tasks required of them.
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Examination Directorate

Supervises the control and organization of examination records and student results, and the application and coordination of all instructions and controls related to examinations issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, the University Council, and the councils of colleges and academic departments. It also supervises holding, organizing and supervising exams, correcting answer sheets and showing results in cooperation with all concerned parties in the university. It is responsible for issuing, checking and keeping score tables and lists. Duties of the Examinations Directorate Organizing examination and monitoring schedules in coordination with colleges and departments and announcing them to students. Preparing all the requirements for conducting the exams (rooms, notebooks, exam questions, printing and copying devices, lists of students and their distribution to the halls, lists of observers, attendance lists, seals). Receiving two forms of exam questions along with the correction ladder signed by the course professor and the dean of the faculty or the head of the department in a closed envelope and keeping them in a record prepared for this purpose, while documenting the activities of receiving and handing over the appropriate forms. Supervising the process of copying the questions in the presence of the course instructor and then placing them in sealed envelopes according to the number of students and examination halls. Preparing grade schedules for the year's work and announcing them to students in coordination with the course professor and the dean of the college. Preparing practical exam schedules and announcing them to students in coordination with the course professor and the dean of the college. Announcement at the beginning of each semester of exam dates throughout the semester after the approval of the Academic Council, so that the student is aware of the exam dates and organizes study times at the level of each exam. Preparing the necessary coordination to determine the dates of college exams and presenting it to the University Council. Conducting statistics for students enrolled in colleges and taking exams. Review lists of students applying for exams. Preparing human resources (observers) for college exams and coordinating between colleges. Reviewing apologies for taking the exam, suspending enrollment, and approving what is required of them from the university. Designing forms for examination work and monitoring results. Reviewing the results of the transfer years exams in colleges before announcing them. Reviewing the results of the final years of colleges before they are approved. Presenting the results of the examination years to the college councils for approval. Issuance of the university president's decision to grant academic degrees to graduate students. Preparing remuneration schedules for the university's administrative staff for their participation, directly or indirectly, in exams and submitting them to the competent councils. Suggest exam committees for approval by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Reviewing the practical and oral exams of the faculties in order to ensure their compatibility with the rules and regulations in agreement with the deans of the faculties. Preparing an annual final report on examination work and submitting it to the University Council for approval. Administrative and technical supervision of the administrative and examination units associated with it in all faculties, coordinating its work and following up on its performance and development. Issuing instructions, publications and circulars that ensure the proper conduct of examinations. Approving the success forms and academic levels required by the official authorities. Issuing educational certificates and granting documents and transcripts based on the results documented by them. Studying and analyzing the exam results and extracting scientific indicators indicating strengths and weaknesses, and benefiting from that in cooperation with the competent departments. Follow-up recent scientific developments in examination methods, and review and benefit from them in evaluating examinations. Reviewing the documents and transcripts received from outside the university or what is referred to it from other entities, and matching these documents with the records and results kept with them. Carry out other tasks assigned to the Directorate that fall within its jurisdiction.
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Directorate of Information Systems and Communications

Information systems are computerized systems designed to serve university employees and officials with the aim of giving the university the maximum benefit from the use of computers and auxiliary systems to provide, update, analyze, and store information and data to help the university administration make appropriate decisions. The Information Systems Center at SPU is supervised by the Director of the Center and assisted by a supervisor of technical support for beneficiary services, a supervisor of data management, and a supervisor of development and maintenance. Tasks of information systems: Ensuring the provision of an integrated information system that helps to quickly save, operate and retrieve information and provide the necessary data for the university administration to follow up, evaluate and make decisions. Monitoring the operation of the applied systems, evaluating their efficiency, analyzing the needs of the departments using these systems and developing plans to secure these needs. Analyzing the operational issues of the systems used, developing root solutions to prevent their recurrence, presenting them to the president, and supervising their implementation. Follow up the efficiency of the work of computers, information network and printing devices and check their suitability to the requirements of users. Follow up on fixing malfunctions as soon as possible and working to minimize them. Supervise the provision of the necessary technical support to the departments using the system, and ensure that the required guidance is provided to ensure safe operation. Determine the system's needs for devices and supplies and follow up on their provision. Secure the information stored in the system, ensure its integrity and verify its efficiency. Supervise the design and testing of the appropriate method to maintain the confidentiality of information according to the users' areas of activity and follow up on its implementation. For communication, you can send your messages to the e-mail:
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Financial Directorate

The Financial Affairs Directorate plays a very central and important role in the university due to its close association with all the university's activities, including faculties, administrations, and departments. The financial department stands at the same distance between providing the best service to students on the one hand and achieving the objectives of the facility on the other hand.The financial management, which based on team and the creative potential of its cadres, seeks to keep pace with all developments in the administrative, technical and technical aspects that are in the service of the university and its students. So that it has an effective role in achieving the cultural and educational mission of the university. The main tasks of the Directorate : Preparing the final financial lists of the university. Contributing to prepare the university's estimated budget. Drawing up the university's internal financial policies. Laying down strategic policies for the establishment's financial activity. Follow up all the financial and tax laws and regulations. Collecting tuition fees according to the deadlines that set by the university and directing students to pay in the approved banks. Follow up the students ’achievements, especially those who have debts. Financial audit when granting students to university documents. Checking disclosure patents when granting graduation transcripts and documents. Preparing the university's purchases and needs. Responsibility for the university's objects and depots in terms of their inventory and preservation. Follow up with the banks in all financial transactions of the university and students. Preserving university funds and keeping them in the approved bank. Paying the salaries and compensation of university professors and employees at the specified times and organizing the schedules for that through coordination with the Human Resources Directorate. Follow up with all contractors and suppliers according to the agreements and contacts concluded. Working to control expenses and reduces the consumption through permanent follow-up with all colleges and departments at the university. Paying all financial obligations associated with government and private agencies. Writing reports to the presidency of the university related to students’ financial conditions, cash flow status, and any other reports on the university’s financial activity
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Directorate of Quality and Accreditation

The Quality and Accreditation Directorate was created based on the Higher Education Council Resolution No. 56 dated 11/8/2010. Through strategic plans to ensure the quality of educational processes according to the principles, rules and mechanisms of self-evaluation and development. The directorate is managed by the Quality Assurance Council by a decision of the University Rector and consists of the Rector of the University as the Rector, the Director of the Quality Directorate as a Deputy, the Secretary of the University and all the Deans of the Faculties at the University. The board meets every three months at the invitation of its chairman and whenever needed. Objectives of the Quality Directorate: University graduates achieve the highest quality standards necessary for them to play their role in serving their community and their country. Reaching the finest university graduate locally, who is able to compete and have the initiative in various circumstances. Providing the university graduate with the requirements for facing the tremendous scientific, technological and knowledge revolution, which requires practicing work and adapting to the surrounding developments, and working on the continuous development and the surrounding environment. Inculcating the characteristic of high ambition in students and graduates, and pushing them to aspire towards better living standards, more advanced living conditions and a better future.
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Directorate of Legal Affairs and Contracts

It provides legal assistance and advice according to the applicable laws and regulations that are used in the Syrian Arab Republic. Tasks of the Directorate of Legal and Contracts : Representing the university with the relevant authorities that are related to the legal disputes in which the university is a party in it. It submits and prepares the necessary legal notes. Formulating contracts legally, organizing internal legal relations, and reviewing those that entail financial obligations to or on the university before they are signed by any party in the university. Following up the university legal, financial and moral rights with governmental or private agencies or with the individuals. Preserving all laws, decisions and regulations related to the Directorate tasks that are issued by the relevant authorities. And reviewing university regulations and proposing to amend them when necessary. It provides legal studies and consultations in all that is referred to it by the university presidency.
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Directorate of Engineering Affairs

Tasks of the Directorate of Engineering Affairs: Participating in preparing new plans for the university buildings and preparing the necessary studies for them. Preparing the necessary data for the annual and five-year plans, and following up that in cooperation with the Planning and Statistics Directorate. Participating in the membership of the committees to follow up the implementation of the university plans, in the membership of the tender committees, and in the committees for the temporary and final receipt of the completed works, including equipment and furniture. Organizing preliminary plans and books of technical conditions, auditing studies related to university projects, and expressing opinions on the prices which are offered for contracts and sales. Completing the necessary properties for university projects with the designated authorities. Organizing a file for each university project and for each of the buildings. Supervising university building projects, working on maintaining, expanding or restoring them, and conducting the necessary studies for them. Supervising the university technical office. Organizing and auditing temporary and final statements of university projects. Preserving the plans and documents related to university buildings and facilities. Carrying out maintenance work at the university and organizing and coordinating gardens. Ensuring the cleanliness of the campus.
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Directorate of Cultural Relations

Directorate tasks: Preparing projects for cultural and scientific agreements, capacity building agreements and their implementation programs with different countries, and following up procedures for ratifying these agreements. Preparing annual announcements for student exchange of seats and the conditions required under the executive programs of cultural agreements with Arab and foreign countries, nomination dates for each of them, and supervising their implementation.
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General Administration of Safety and Public Security

It is concerned with maintaining the stability of the security of facilities, buildings and university property from cases of tampering, sabotage or theft. Providing security and safety for all university employees and its visitors, including students, auditors and visitors, and frequent follow-up to that. In addition to working to prevent accidents. Tasks of the general administration of safety and Public Security: Inspect and follow-up everything that enters or leaves the university and verify the identity of the deliverer and the recipient. Receiving the lost items when they are found, announcing them, and delivering them to their owners. Distribution of security personnel in the university buildings. Participating in organizing events and university acitivties, in cooperation with all relevant departments. Preparing shifts to guard at the university. Conducting field investigations into problems and accidents that occur at the university, whether they were referred to it by university officials or were discovered by the security department. Organizing and monitoring the entrances and exits of the university and its other units and checking the identities of people if necessary. Study, develop and update security systems in buildings and facilities and keep pace with modern technologies. Educating the university’s employees and introducing them to the duties and preventive work that they entail in emergency situations.
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Scientific Research Affairs Office

The Scientific Research Affairs Office is concerned with the responsibility of organizing, coordinating and following up the policies and decisions of the Council of Scientific Affairs, and the Scientific Research at the university. Also it is concerned with the coordinating and following them up to promote scientific research and develop it to the best possible level within the available circumstances and capabilities. The director of the office is appointed by the Council of Scientific Affairs and Scientific Research upon the proposal of the Vice University Rector for Scientific Affairs and Scientific Research, provided that his academic degree is not less than an assistant professor. Tasks of the scientific Research Affairs Office: Receiving requests to support scientific research projects in their various aspects and verifying their proper preparation before submitting them to the Scientific Research Council. Checking requests for support for students' graduation projects. Checking requests for scientific research support. Organizing researchers' files and general files that related to projects, and following up the progress of work on scientific research projects to implement them at the times specified. Implementation of the decisions of the Scientific Research Council. Responding all correspondence received by the Office of Scientific Research. Exchanging the information in the field of scientific research between the university and the relevant research institutions. Preparing and documenting statistics and periodic reports in the field of scientific research at the university.
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Library Affairs Office

It supervises technically and administratively all library affairs at the university, including central and branch libraries, in addition to organizing book fairs, participating in them and distributing publications issued by the university, as well as representing the university at the national, regional, Arab and international levels. Tasks of the Office of Library Affairs: Working to provide the information resources needed by the college libraries and university units. Providing access to information resources for university employees. Technical treatment and organizing of the information sources in its libraries in the best professional way, in order to facilitate the use and access of these sources by the beneficiaries. Planning to invest the budget allocated for information resources and services and developing their resources. Cooperating with libraries and other parts of common interest in a way that benefits the university and its various units. Organizing and participating exhibitions in the field of libraries and information in accordance with established procedures. Holding symposia and seminars, and courses related to the fields of work of libraries in accordance with the established procedures. Introducing scientific production to university employees by appropriate means.
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Divan Section

Main Tasks: Receive the incoming mail from the competent authorities at the university after receiving the necessary instructions regarding it. Receive the outgoing mail to the different recipients, after checking it, registering it on paper and electronically, and follow up the sending process. Document all decisions, orders and administrative notes. Archive files laws, decrees, decisions, orders, and notes, and saving them in sequence. Distribute, advertise and publish all books required to be circulated and published. Supervising copying, photocopying and printing works. Processing mail and transactions related to the Bureau. All the tasks assigned by the director.
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Activity section

Main Tasks: Preparing and developing the annual and quarterly plan for student activities (sports and cultural) and submitting it to the University Council. Work to create an appropriate climate for students to carry out social, cultural, sports and artistic activities through organizing student scientific and informative trips and holding seminars and cultural and social celebrations. Helping students form sport teams in colleges and participating in tournaments and matches. Supervise the provision of courses and services for games To develop students' technical talents. Carrying out all the extra work assigned by the management.
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