Vision, Message, Strategic Objectives and Quality policy

University's vision

The Arab Private University for Science and Technology seeks to become as the first intended university for students among the Syrian universities in the quality of education, scientific research, and the service of the society for the sake of reaching higher ranks among the regional and international universities.

University's mission

The Arab Private University for Science and Technology seeks to be the first destination for students among Syrian universities with quality education, scientific research and community service to reach advanced ranks among universities regionally and globally.

The Arab University seeks to achieve its mission by adopting a set of values and principles that characterize its journey as follows: "continuous improvement and development - belonging - justice - integrity - transparency - sincerity - teamwork - creativity - excellence".


University's Strategic Objectives

According to the university's vision and mission, the Arab Private University for Science and Technology aims to:

  1. Continuous development of the university's educational curricula in accordance with the latest modern science to prepare graduates and qualify them to provide society with various specializations capable of keeping pace with global developments.
  2. Encourage and support scientific research.
  3. Establishing postgraduate programs to qualify competent cadres.
  4. Work to qualify and attract distinguished faculty members on the staff of the university from all the necessary scientific disciplines.
  5. Work to create new faculties with specializations that do not currently exist according to the requirements and needs of the community.
  6. Establishing a community service center to meet community needs such as training, education, studies and specialized consultations.
  7. Applying international standards for quality assurance and academic accreditation to achieve advanced ranks in the global rankings of universities.

Arab Private University for Science and Technology Quality Policy in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

The Arab Private University for Science and Technology, with all its administrative levels and faculty members, is committed to the following:

  • Continuous endeavor towards advancement and excellence by applying the standards of international quality management systems and the requirements of quality assurance and academic accreditation in education, scientific research and community service.
  • Satisfy all relevant interested parties, especially students and community organizations within the framework of the prevailing laws and regulations to achieve an advanced position in the global ranking of universities through:
    • Adopting the application of the quality management system according to international standards ISO 9001:2015 and commitment to continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the system to achieve the aspirations of all parties associated or dealing with the university.
    • Compliance with all prevailing legislative and legal requirements related to higher education and scientific research.
    • Spreading awareness about the importance of applying quality management systems and international quality assurance and academic accreditation requirements.
    • Continuous endeavor to learn about the latest scientific developments by participating in scientific seminars and conferences and communicating with distinguished universities to develop curricula and methods of education and scientific research.
    • Continuously minimize the health and safety risks that workers and students may face by periodically reviewing the risks related to health and safety at the university.
    • Providing a suitable learning and working environment and securing the necessary resources with a focus on continuous training and qualification for all employees at all levels.
    • Continuous communication with all internal and external interested parties to serve the development and improvement of the university's performance.
    • Quality, health and safety objectives are set at the beginning of the year based on the policy and reviewed through monthly meetings as well as the management review meeting for quality, health and safety systems.
    • Maintaining the quality, health and safety systems while working to review the policy and periodically as needed through the Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Council and the management review of the quality system to ensure the effectiveness of the application.