Directorate of Admission and Registration

It works to provide an academic database for the university with all its colleges and specializations, as well as supervises the verifying of the conditions for admission and registration. It works also to educate students about the university rules and regulations that they need during their educational career according to what is mentioned in the Universities Organization Law and the relevant decisions of the Higher Education Council. It also participates in preparing the university academic environment and following up the introduction of modern technology in the admission and registration procedures which contributes to improving the mechanism of work performance and the completion of tasks. In addition to its responsibility for the academic system portal that provides students, faculty members, and relevant university departments with access to data, the implementation of registration activities and other academic procedures such as exam results, addition and deletion services, and review of academic and financial information and data such as the academic schedule, grades, academic calendar, attendance and absence balance. And the student's financial balance.

Tasks of the Admission and Registration Directorate:

  1. Finding a seat at the university for every student who meets the admission requirements.
  2. Ensuring to attract the best students to the university who hold a high school diploma.
  3. Exerting effort to educate the student about the rules and regulations of study and tests through various means inside and outside the university.
  4. Documenting all admission and registration works, obtaining the necessary documents, working to update them continuously, and providing the necessary data and statistics to support the university administration decisions.
  5. Working to develop and adapt the registration technology so that the student can follow his academic affairs from anywhere he wants and at any time.
  6. Enhancing students' use of the online portal for registration purposes and following up on developments in academic records.
  7. Enhancing the use of the academic system by colleges and faculty members with the aim of reviewing students ’academic records and enabling academic advising committees to successfully perform the tasks required of them.