University President's Message

Dr. Adnan Younes

I am pleased to welcome our educational and administrative family, especially those who joined us this year, to continue together with diligence and determination to achieve the university's motto of leadership and excellence, and to welcome our daughters and sons, especially the new ones who are looking forward to joining our family, which is known for its giving and achievement, We are convinced of the importance of striving to provide each of us with a distinguished effort to move our university forward to occupy a prominent position and enjoy a good reputation among its peers, and to advance the process of teaching, learning and scientific research by harnessing our energies and directing them towards the best to serve the community and the country within the available university capabilities.

What distinguishes our university is that it continues to attract many students from sisterly countries as well as our students from within our dear country in an educational atmosphere that allows them to study in its various faculties and improve our academic outputs in parallel with improving the outputs of scientific research and focusing on applied research that achieves sustainable development and serves our society in order to raise the competitiveness of our students in the labor market by continuing to develop new specializations that take into account market requirements in addition to the distinctive entrepreneurial specializations.

Once again, I welcome you to the Arab Private University for Science and Technology, the university of all Arabs, wishing you success and success, asking the Almighty God to protect you and our dear homeland under the patronage of the honorable leader Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, President of the Syrian Arab Republic.