Credit hour system

What is the credit hour system?

It is an international teaching system that aims to implement study programs of all kinds based on the credit hours of the courses. So that the student can choose the courses they want to study in each semester.

In universities that follow the credit hour system, the academic year consists of the first semester, the second semester, and the summer semester, which is considered an optional semester.


Features of the credit hour system:

  1. It gives the student the opportunity to repeat the course in which he did not obtain a passing grade or got a weak result in it to improve the average.
  2. It helps to match the duration of study with the possibility and conditions of each student, as students prefer to shorten the duration of study without affecting in a negative way on the quality of the teaching process.
  3. The study plan in the approved hours system is compared to the plans in quarterly or annual systems.
  4. Study plans in the credit hour system usually consists of university requirements, college requirements, major requirements, and other optional materials.
  5. University requirements: are the courses that aim at the student's acquisition of the skills that every university graduate needs, such as languages .


College requirements:

Each college consists of a number of academic or scientific departments that cover a number of common knowledge for all college programs, so that graduates of all programs in the concerned college enjoy a common amount of academic knowledge.


Major requirements:

These courses represents the basic and common object of knowledge for students of one specialist, and they can be basic compulsory courses taught by all students of the specified or optional program through which the student is in depth in the field of specialization.