Directorate of Public Relations and Media

It is one of the most important administrative units at the Arab University for Science and Technology because of its daily work that serves the university's philosophy. It also represents the university window to society and the link between it and its internal audience of faculty members, workers and students. As well as the external community of different institutions and segments, and its objectives are summarized in achieving the good reputation of the university and clarifying its mission, objectives, philosophy and activities. Documenting the university's relationship with local and foreign institutions through exchanged programs and visits.
It holds conferences and exhibitions and takes part in them in various fields, and it has a set of tasks and duties such as supervision, coordination and media communication with the media and the press, and supervising the preparation of university news, organizing a news archive and what is issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and other universities.
The office also prepares and organizes visits by official delegations and university guests, issues leaflets to define the university, and coordinates with deans of colleges and student affairs to organize celebrations, meetings and activities.

Tasks of the Public Relations and Media Office:

1. Providing the media and the press with university news, covering its news and activities, and clarifying its mission.
2. Arranging the interviews, conducting interviews with the university rector and its officials, and supervising the preparation of news related to the university.
3. Collecting information and data from colleges and departments in the university to publish them in the media and newspapers.
4. Issuing a daily media report containing news and various activities that carried out by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Affairs at the university, and organizing a media archive.
5. Photographing and documenting the activities of scientific, cultural and sports activities, art exhibitions and events that take place inside and outside the university.
6- Participating in the preparatory committees for preparing and organizing conferences, seminars, exhibitions and festivals held by the university or held there in cooperation with the conferences and seminars at the university.
7. Holding exhibitions and opening prospects for cooperation with the concerned authorities to enhance and facilitate their spread.
8. Preparing and organizing visits of official, popular and student delegations to the university.
9. Receiving university guests and preparing programs for their visits.
10. Participate in the process of recruiting new students.