Directorate of Quality and Accreditation

The Quality and Accreditation Directorate was created based on the Higher Education Council Resolution No. 56 dated 11/8/2010. Through strategic plans to ensure the quality of educational processes according to the principles, rules and mechanisms of self-evaluation and development. The directorate is managed by the Quality Assurance Council by a decision of the University Rector and consists of the Rector of the University as the Rector, the Director of the Quality Directorate as a Deputy, the Secretary of the University and all the Deans of the Faculties at the University. The board meets every three months at the invitation of its chairman and whenever needed.


Objectives of the Quality Directorate:

  1. University graduates achieve the highest quality standards necessary for them to play their role in serving their community and their country.
  2. Reaching the finest university graduate locally, who is able to compete and have the initiative in various circumstances.
  3. Providing the university graduate with the requirements for facing the tremendous scientific, technological and knowledge revolution, which requires practicing work and adapting to the surrounding developments, and working on the continuous development and the surrounding environment.
  4. Inculcating the characteristic of high ambition in students and graduates, and pushing them to aspire towards better living standards, more advanced living conditions and a better future.