Stop Registration System

Provisions for retreating and deferring:

  1. The new student has the right to apply for withdrawal from the university and he will be treated according to the following:
    1. Credit hour fees are only refunded to those who request retreating before the end of the registration period.
    2. No amount will be returned to those who request retreating after the end of the registration period, and no document shall be returned to him if he has not paid the required fees for a full semester.
    3. The old student should pay the fees of 12 credit hours if he wishes to withdraw from the university.
    4. The process of deleting and adding courses is carried out under the supervision of the academic advisor during the first week of the beginning of the study. The number of registered credit hours mustn’t be less than the minimum, which is 12 credit hours per semester, and does not exceed 18 credit hours per semester.
  2. The student has the right to postpone his studies before the start of the semester for a period not exceeding four continuous or intermittent semesters according to the following:
    1. Pay at least 12 credit hours fees.
    2. The amount of the credit hour fees is recycled for the semester following the study postponement semester only.
    3. If the student wishes to postpone his studies for another semester, he loses his right to recover the credit hour fees and he will be charged with the hour fees again.
    4. If the student stops studying in any semester after postponing his studies, he loses his right to recover any fees.
  3. The student may withdraw from one or more courses before the end of the eighth week of the semester, and in this case, the grade is granted “Withdrawn” (W) This estimate is not included in the calculation of his grade- point average (GPA).
  4. If the student withdraws all his courses after he registered in the semester, he is considered stopped temporarily for this semester and gets a “withdrawn” grade in all the withdrawn courses. This semester is calculated from within the maximum study period and appears in the transcript and this does not affect the calculation of the GPA. The end of the eighth week of the semester is also set as the deadline for submitting applications to stop studies temporarily.
  5. The student is considered to have dropped out of study in the event that he does not register during the specified period, and the University Council may consider the applications of the students received after the expiration of this period within a maximum period of four weeks from the start of the study. If the student’s request is accepted, he must pay a delay fine of not less than 5% Of the fees for the hours to be registered.
  6. A student who is late in registering may submit a request to postpone the study of the Rector of the University in order to exclude him from the period of time, and in case of approval the financial fees determined from the academic postponement shall be paid.
  7. The student’s registration shall be cancelled in the event he has not registered or has not applied for a study postponement for two consecutive semesters. The University Council issues a decision for cancelling the registration based on the proposal of the Faculties Councils, and his name is removed from the lists of students registered in the colleges and it is not counted among the percentages of the scientific accreditation lists.
  8. The student whose registration is cancelled may apply for re- registration at the university during the registration periods and the decision is issued by the University Council based on the proposal of the College Board.
  9. The student is exempted from the courses he has previously passed according to the rules and regulations issued by the decisions of the Higher Education Council.