Directorate of Human Resources

The Human Resources Directorate supervises the processes of recruiting, selecting and appointing new employees, selecting the most qualified among them, and training them on their duties at work, and then evaluates them, in addition to supervising the employees’ obligation by the laws, training and development them during their service at the university.

The main tasks of the Directorate:

  1. Supervising, preservation and archiving all documents, regardless of their form, from inside or outside the university.
  2. Preserving administrative documents from various sides, and setting up the necessary mechanisms for their preservation and use.
  3. Putting all archive materials into a digital system for preservation, and making them available to all departments at the university.
  4. Preparing periodic reports on the achievements of the administration and suggestions for developing them and submitting them to the university rector.
  5. Selection of new employees by testing and interviewing them, and ensuring their compatibility with the nature of the job they applied for.
  6. Monitoring the employees' activities and ensuring that they implement the tasks required of them.
  7. Establishing training and rehabilitation programs that contribute to developing the competencies of individuals at the university, and to ensure that they achieve the best possible performance.
  8. Interacting and cooperating with the university administration to ensure continued work efficiency.
  9. Supporting the implementation of plans that provide for all the needs that contribute to the continuity of development at the university.
  10. Monitoring the progress that is being made in the various functional departments of the university.

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