Directorate of Engineering Affairs

Tasks of the Directorate of Engineering Affairs:

  1. Participating in preparing new plans for the university buildings and preparing the necessary studies for them.
  2. Preparing the necessary data for the annual and five-year plans, and following up that in cooperation with the Planning and Statistics Directorate.
  3. Participating in the membership of the committees to follow up the implementation of the university plans, in the membership of the tender committees, and in the committees for the temporary and final receipt of the completed works, including equipment and furniture.
  4. Organizing preliminary plans and books of technical conditions, auditing studies related to university projects, and expressing opinions on the prices which are offered for contracts and sales.
  5. Completing the necessary properties for university projects with the designated authorities.
  6. Organizing a file for each university project and for each of the buildings.
  7. Supervising university building projects, working on maintaining, expanding or restoring them, and conducting the necessary studies for them.
  8. Supervising the university technical office.
  9. Organizing and auditing temporary and final statements of university projects.
  10. Preserving the plans and documents related to university buildings and facilities.
  11. Carrying out maintenance work at the university and organizing and coordinating gardens.
  12. Ensuring the cleanliness of the campus.