General Administration of Safety and Public Security

It is concerned with maintaining the stability of the security of facilities, buildings and university property from cases of tampering, sabotage or theft. Providing security and safety for all university employees and its visitors, including students, auditors and visitors, and frequent follow-up to that. In addition to working to prevent accidents.

Tasks of the general administration of safety and Public Security:

  1. Inspect and follow-up everything that enters or leaves the university and verify the identity of the deliverer and the recipient.
  2. Receiving the lost items when they are found, announcing them, and delivering them to their owners.
  3. Distribution of security personnel in the university buildings.
  4. Participating in organizing events and university acitivties, in cooperation with all relevant departments.
  5. Preparing shifts to guard at the university.
  6. Conducting field investigations into problems and accidents that occur at the university, whether they were referred to it by university officials or were discovered by the security department.
  7. Organizing and monitoring the entrances and exits of the university and its other units and checking the identities of people if necessary.
  8. Study, develop and update security systems in buildings and facilities and keep pace with modern technologies.
  9. Educating the university’s employees and introducing them to the duties and preventive work that they entail in emergency situations.