Directorate of Legal Affairs and Contracts

It provides legal assistance and advice according to the applicable laws and regulations that are used in the Syrian Arab Republic.


Tasks of the Directorate of Legal and Contracts :

  1. Representing the university with the relevant authorities that are related to the legal disputes in which the university is a party in it. It submits and prepares the necessary legal notes.
  2. Formulating contracts legally, organizing internal legal relations, and reviewing those that entail financial obligations to or on the university before they are signed by any party in the university.
  3. Following up the university legal, financial and moral rights with governmental or private agencies or with the individuals.
  4. Preserving all laws, decisions and regulations related to the Directorate tasks that are issued by the relevant authorities. And reviewing university regulations and proposing to amend them when necessary.
  5. It provides legal studies and consultations in all that is referred to it by the university presidency.