Examination system

Exam rules and regulations:

1. After the academic results of the student are adopted at the end of each semester. The university takes over at the beginning of the next semester, sending a warning to the student whose GPA is less than ( 2 ) points in any of the first two semesters.
2- Upon receiving a warning, the student must cancel his effect by raising his GPA to (2) points or more within a maximum period of two semesters from the date of the warning.
3-The student is prevented from the specialization after the end of the period in the previous part of this article, with the exception of the student who has successfully completed (99) hours of credit hours according to his study plan, provided that his cumulative average is not less than 1.75 points or its equivalent percentage, and if his cumulative average is lower in any semester, he is prevented without warning.
4- It is allowed to accept in the special study a student who has been dismissed from the study due to the low GPA of two points in according to the following provisions.
5- If his cumulative GPA is not less than 1.5 points, four semesters are given to raise this rate to the acceptable minimum, so that he returns to a regular student. If he fails, he is not allowed to continue private studies unless he completes a total of (99) hours of the credit hours prescribed in his study plan and his average is With no less than (1.75) points, and in this case two semesters are given as a maximum, after which he is dismissed if not if he is unable to raise his GPA to 2 points.
6-If the student’s average is between (1 - 1.49) points, he is given one semester to raise this rate to (1.5) points, and if he achieves that, he is given three additional semesters to raise the rate to the minimum acceptable level. A total of 99 credit hours specified in his study plan and his cumulative GPA in it is not less than 1.75 points, and in this case he is given two semesters as a maximum, after which he shall be separated if he is unable to raise his GPA.
7 - The student accepted in special study loses his right to transfer to another major if he has completed the four semesters granted to him in special study and has not been able to raise his cumulative average to the minimum required, and the summer semester is not considered a semester for this purpose.
8- The academic burden for the student accepted in the special study is (15) credit hours as a maximum for each of the first two semesters and (6) credit hours for the summer semester.
9-A student who gets less than one point in the GPA in any semester of the year after the first semester of joining the university, except the summer semester, is dismissed from the major, and if the student repeatedly gets less than one point in the GPA in any subsequent semester, he is dismissed from the university.
10 - A student will be dismissed from the university if he exceeds the maximum period of study allowed for study.

Exam rules and regulations:


1- The student must come to the examination room at least five minutes before the start of the exam.
2-The student is not allowed to have the exam without having the university card.
3- It is not allowed to the student to take his examination in a room or seat other than the one assigned to him.

4- The student must write their name and university number as stated in the university card on the answer sheet and the question sheet.

5- The student may not write anything on the question paper at risk of taking him out of the examination room.
6- Students may not exchange their examination papers after distributing them.
7-It is forbidden to write without the blue pen. It is forbidden to use the correction pen, and it is forbidden to write with two different pens unless the ink runs out and with the knowing of the chairman of the examination hall. It is allowed for pencil only for graphs, illustrations and engineering drawings.
8- It is forbidden for the student to bring books, documents or manuscripts into the examination hall even if they are not related to the exam subject.
9 - The student is not allowed to use the dictionaries and references except with the permission of the faculty council and the course professor, and they may not be exchanged.
10- The student is not allowed to enter calculators except with the permission of the faculty council and the course professor.
11- It is forbidden to use speaking dictionaries and calculators programmed into the examination room.
12- It is not allowed the student to borrow tools, rulers and calculators during the exam.
13-It is not allowed to put a mobile phone in the examination hall, even if it is switched off, or any electronic device. It is prohibited for female students to bring their handbags into the exam hall.
14- It is forbidden to bring food and drinks into the examination hall or to smoke.
15- Students are prohibited from wearing hats inside the examination hall.
16- It is not allowed the student to talk inside the examination room or move the room furniture except with the permission of the hall chairman.
17- The student must hand in all his examination papers, including the question paper, before leaving the room. The faculty may return the non-automated question paper after the exam.
18- The student is prohibited from leaving the examination room before half an hour has passed from the start of the exam.
19- It is prohibited for the student to return to the examination hall after leaving it.