Scientific Research Affairs Office

The Scientific Research Affairs Office is concerned with the responsibility of organizing, coordinating and following up the policies and decisions of the Council of Scientific Affairs, and the Scientific Research at the university. Also it is concerned with the coordinating and following them up to promote scientific research and develop it to the best possible level within the available circumstances and capabilities. The director of the office is appointed by the Council of Scientific Affairs and Scientific Research upon the proposal of the Vice University Rector for Scientific Affairs and Scientific Research, provided that his academic degree is not less than an assistant professor.

Tasks of the scientific Research Affairs Office:

  1. Receiving requests to support scientific research projects in their various aspects and verifying their proper preparation before submitting them to the Scientific Research Council.
  2. Checking requests for support for students' graduation projects.
  3. Checking requests for scientific research support.
  4. Organizing researchers' files and general files that related to projects, and following up the progress of work on scientific research projects to implement them at the times specified.
  5. Implementation of the decisions of the Scientific Research Council.
  6. Responding all correspondence received by the Office of Scientific Research.
  7. Exchanging the information in the field of scientific research between the university and the relevant research institutions.
  8. Preparing and documenting statistics and periodic reports in the field of scientific research at the university.