Faculty of Architecture

College Vision

Architectural engineering is the engineering branch that prepares students to design and follow up the construction of buildings and to coordinate between the various disciplines that  related and completed the architectural work, such as construction, mechanical and electrical equipment and control systems. It provides durability, safety and effective functional performance for the users of these buildings according to the best relationships and the latest visions and scientific, aesthetic and economic trends. They do that by providing students with architectural knowledge and a deep understanding of linking the foundations of architectural design and construction to achieve the goals of architectural work in terms of utility, durability, beauty and economy. Their qualification is based on three scientific areas: Architectural concepts, natural sciences, and engineering theories framing architectural work in all its dimensions.


College Message

Providing the highest level of education in architectural design and city planning, and providing distinguished services to society, contributing to the development of the profession of architectural design and city planning, by attracting the most efficient students. Also, developing curricula, providing modern technologies and adopting effective methods in education. And by expanding scientific research and providing specialized advice.


College Objectives

Preparing specialists in architecture accurately and equipped them with knowledge and skills according to the technical and scientific development. Developing the method of scientific research and learning and contributing to cultural, artistic, social and sports activities.Continuous coordination and interaction between the various departments of the college to integrate the educational and training process according to the specified plans and curricula.