Library Affairs Office

It supervises technically and administratively all library affairs at the university, including central and branch libraries, in addition to organizing book fairs, participating in them and distributing publications issued by the university, as well as representing the university at the national, regional, Arab and international levels.

Tasks of the Office of Library Affairs:

  1. Working to provide the information resources needed by the college libraries and university units.
  2. Providing access to information resources for university employees.
  3. Technical treatment and organizing of the information sources in its libraries in the best professional way, in order to facilitate the use and access of these sources by the beneficiaries.
  4. Planning to invest the budget allocated for information resources and services and developing their resources.
  5. Cooperating with libraries and other parts of common interest in a way that benefits the university and its various units.
  6. Organizing and participating exhibitions in the field of libraries and information in accordance with established procedures.
  7. Holding symposia and seminars, and courses related to the fields of work of libraries in accordance with the established procedures.
  8. Introducing scientific production to university employees by appropriate means.