Board of Trustees

The Council of Trustees of the Arab University for Science and Technology consists of the owners, academic figures, and public figures. All of them should be issued by a decision of the Minister of Higher Education for a period of four years renewable on the proposal of the owner according to the following conditions:

  • Members of the Council of Trustees must be Syrians and may be Arabs and foreigners if they are owners.
  • No Arab or foreign diplomatic personnel may be on the Council of Trustees.
  • The membership of the Council of Trustees cannot be combining with any scientific administrative function at the University except for the Rector. Furthermore, the membership of the Council of Trustees of the University cannot be combining with the membership of any Council of Trustees of another University without the approval of the Minister.
  • If the position of the Chairman of the Council of Trustees or any of its members becomes vacant, the Minister shall designate a replacement for the remaining term of his membership upon the proposal of the Owner.
  • The Council of Trustees should hold one meeting at least during the semester and whenever necessary.
  • The minutes of the meetings of the Council should be recorded in a special register prepared for that purpose. A copy of the minutes of the meetings should be deposited with the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • The Council should meet upon the invitation of its Chairman or Vice-Rector in case of his/her absence or at the written request of one-third of the members of the Council, indicating the reasons for the meeting.
  • Meetings should be at the University unless decided other place by the Chairman of the Council.
  • The meeting can be legal only in the presence of most of the members.
  • Decisions will be taken by a majority vote and the vote of the Chairman of the council will be weighted or the voice of his Deputy in the absence of the Rector.

Tasks of the Council of Trustees

  1. Formulate the general policy of the university in the light of the higher education policy in the Syrian Arab Republic.
  2. Study the establishment of colleges or departments or academic programs in addition to the merger or cancellation.
  3. Propose to the Minister the nomination of the Rector.
  4. Approve of the employment of Vice Rector and deans of the faculties.
  5. Determine the number of students proposed to be admitted annually in the various programs of colleges at the beginning of each academic year in accordance with the rules approved by the Council of Higher Education, and no student may be admitted except within the limits approved by the Council.
  6. Determine the university fees and securing sources to support the financial resources of the University and regulate the investment.
  7. Approve the determination of the salary scale for all employees of the university, including the members of the educational staff at the suggestion of the University Council.
  8. Consideration of plans, the annual plan proposed by the Rector for projects that the University intends to undertake, discuss and approve.
  9. Acceptance of donations grants and wills if they are from a Syrian source and allocated for spending on developmental purposes within the university. No gift or grant may be accepted from a foreign source without the approval of the Minister.
  10. Approve the draft annual budget of the University and deposit a copy thereof with the Ministry.
  11. Approval of the annual report of the rector on the progress of work at the University to assess its achievements, approve the balance sheet and final accounts of the University and submit a copy thereof to the Ministry.
  12. Preparation of the University's systems projects (rules of procedure - a system of use - financial system - educational system - other systems).
  13. Consideration of any matters relating to the University provided by the Rector or any of its members, which is not within the powers of any other party in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations in force.
  14. Matters falling within its competence in accordance with the rules of procedure of the University.
  15. The Council of Trustees may delegate some of its powers to the University Council.

The Board of Trustees of the Arab Private University for Science and Technology:

Dr. Fawaz Al Saleh President
Dr. Fadi Al Terkawi Vice President
Dr. Adnan Younus University President
Dr. Waleed Khaddam Member
Dr. Mohammad Qusai Al Munajjed Member
Dr. Majed Sharbek Member
Dr. Fouad Al Daheyah Member
Dr. George Youssuf Member
Mr. Khaled Abbas Fadel Member
Mr. Ala'a Suleiman Council Secretary