Faculty of Petroleum Engineering

College vision


Leadership and excellence locally and regionally in the field of petroleum engineering and scientific research in a way that contributes to serving the community, preparing distinguished engineers to practice the profession of petroleum engineering, conducting scientific research, keeping pace with scientific development and the improvements in this field, serving the community, encouraging creativity and innovation in the field of specialization, and strengthening partnership with relevant institutions and relevant government agencies.


College Message


The college is responsible for the task of qualifying a distinguished graduate in its academic and capabilities, to enrich the public and private sectors with experiences and energies that contribute to their development, and provide them with technical energies that enjoy with distinguished efficiency.

In view of the fact that the field of chemical industries engineering is comprehensive and rapidly developing, and in view of the continuous change in the needs of the labor market, the college decided to take these two aspects into account in its study plans, and in its application activities accompanying its academic tasks.


College Objectives


The college aims to fulfill its mission by striving to achieve the following goals:

1.Preparing engineers in the engineering specializations and qualifying them with distinguished levels of knowledge that keep pace with scientific and technical progress, who are able to meet the actual needs existing in society.
2.Providing training services to public and private institutions in a manner that contributes to raising the level of employee performance and increasing their production in these institutions through workshops and technical courses, and participating in scientific and applied research and studies that are aimed at solving technical problems of interest in the economic and social development of the country.

3.Providing services, studies and technical advice to public and private institutions to help them solve the important problems.

4.Contributing to supporting scientific production, teaching methods , and encouraging scientific and technical publications of distinguished levels that are aimed at strengthening the means of knowledge for students and society.

5.Establishing scientific laboratories that carry out distinguished scientific and research, encouraging distinguished researchers, and urging them to participate with students in research environments and the use of research methodologies and tools.
6.Developing the student's communication skills so that he is able to communicate his ideas with others, internalize their point of views and positive interaction with them, and activate academic guidance and direction for the student to achieve the best academic levels possible.

7. Establishing cultural and scientific ties with local, Arab and foreign universities through scientific agreements that help exchange scientific and training experiences and contribute to the achievement of joint research and studies.