The distinction of the title The discussion of the students: Mohammad Jaber Al Mohammad, Ali Kareem Sulaiman, Al Zein Wafeek Hmadosh Their distinctive graduation project with the title: The designing of a device for the study of the swelling properties of shale rocks. Supervised by Dr. Moustafa Al- Masri and Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Kahil The project is deposited with the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection to obtain a patent The project is run to participate in the National Scientific Competition for Young Creators Project in short: to study the swelling properties of shale rocks through a device specially designed for this purpose and they identify through it The ideal additives for drilling muds to be used to solve drilling problems and wellbore stability of shale layers and other problems during oil and gas well drilling operations at the lowest possible cost. We congratulate our students for their successes and wish them a remarkable future in their practical lives.
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