Faculty of Pharmacy

The Council of the Faculty of Pharmacy consists of:

Dr. Saleh Trefi President
Dr. Jumana Al Kurdi Vice President
Dr. Yasser Al Rouh Member - Head of the Analytical Chemistry Department
Dr. Majed Al Lahaam Member - Head of the Department of Microbiology and Biochemistry
Dr. Ali Esmaeel Member - Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug Control
Dr. Manhal Tulaimat Member - Head of the drug effect department
Dr. Reem Nayyal Member - Head of the Pharmacology Department
Sofania Nassar Council Secretary
Fawaz Terkawi Student Union representative


College Council

The Faculty Council consists of the Dean and the membership of the Vice Dean, the Heads of Departments of the Faculty, a representative of the Teachers' Union from among the full-time faculty members of the Faculty, two representatives of the Faculty Student Union and two representatives of the Faculty Student Union. Heads of Departments from other faculties when the Council considers matters within the competencies of their departments. The Dean appoints the Secretary of the Council from among the directors of the Faculty. The Council meets at least once a month whenever the need arises at the invitation of the Dean or at the invitation of half its members or at the request of the University Council or its President. In all cases, the agenda must be written at least three days prior to the meeting date. The number of faculty members with the rank of professor and assistant professor in the Faculty Council shall not be less than three professors in addition to the dean of the college and one of the faculty members of the college. In case the council cannot be formed in this way, they can be replaced by teachers from academic departments.


  1. Establishing rules for student attendance, lectures and other university work.
  2. Proposing and updating curricula in coordination between different departments and distributing lectures to faculty members while ensuring the accurate implementation of the college's study plans.
  3. Coordinating scientific research in the departments according to the decisions of the scientific councils and adopting the scientific research strategy in the college.
  4. Organizing the college exams, distributing the work to the examiners and observers, submitting proposals on them, approving their results and announcing them in coordination with the University's Examination Department.
  5. Proposing the granting of bonuses and rewards to contractors, lecturers, researchers, visiting professors, and those responsible for applied work.
  6. Proposing scientific degrees.
  7. Proposing the training plan for teaching, technical, laboratory and administrative staff members.
  8. Submit proposals to the University Council related to the college and the funds needed to implement them.
  9. Consideration of dispatch issues and participation in seminars, conferences and scientific courses inside and outside the Syrian Arab Republic.
  10. Adopting the annual report prepared by the Dean on scientific, educational, administrative and financial matters.
  11. What is referred to it by the University Council, its president, vice president, or dean of the college for study and opinion.
  12. Expressing opinion on all matters considered by the dean of the college or a quarter of the members of the college council.
  13. Expressing opinion on all scientific, educational, research, administrative, executive and financial matters related to the college and other competencies, in a manner that does not conflict with the competencies of other councils.
  14. Appointment, assignment and promotion of faculty members and lecturers. Approving the general plan for applying quality and academic accreditation at the college.
  15. Approving the college's strategic plan in accordance with the university's strategic plans and submitting it to the University Council. Forming and defining the list of committees.