Topics discussed in the periodic meeting with the managers and supervisors within the framework of qualifying the Arab Private University for Science and Technology to obtain a quality certificate in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2015 1- Requirements of International Quality Control Standards and (Gap Analysis Study) of the university. 2- Identification of strength and weak points (internally), (SWOT ANA LYSES ) opportunities and (external) threats in the university. 3- Follow up the work plan for implementing international quality standards 4- Follow up on a training and qualification plan for employees in accordance with international quality standards 5- Follow up the final preparation of the university’s vision, mission, values and quality policy for its final approval. 6- The objectives of the university and various departments’ ones were discussed 7- The implementation of the 5S system has been followed up in various departments and offices of the university 8- 16 quality procedures were prepared and delivered to documents officer for printing 9- Job descriptions for various jobs at the university were discussed 10- The work on preparing procedures and work instructions for the various departments was discussed 11- Starting to complete managers’ achievement schedule 12- Some requirements for the application of international standards of quality and difficulties facing some managers upon application to overcome were discussed 13- Friday was set for training student affairs’ dept. in accordance with the methodology to satisfy the concerned parties, especially students, in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations.
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Second Batch of 5th Year Students of Dentistry Endgame moments hold contrast and different feelings Second batch of 5th year students of dentistry while leaving their beloved university Where they spent their most beautiful moments. After the conclusion of the practical sessions for graduates 2022
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A scientific trip for students of the Faculty of Petroleum Industries Engineering to the Central Region Gas Field The Faculty of Petroleum Industries Engineering coordinated with the National Union of Syrian Students Branch of the Arab Private University for Science and Technology has Organized a scientific trip for the college students to the South Central Gas Plant (Syrian Gas Company) and the gas well drilling device at the Bir Abu Rabah site 25, Central Area Field Directorate
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The Arab Private University for Science and Technology Council held its regular meeting presided by Dr. Marwan Mohammed Al-Hajji Throughout the meeting, attendees tackled topics related to the educational process and various topics related to students' affairs. The meeting was attended by deans of faculties, Secretary of the University, Head of the National Union of Syrian Students Branch of the Arab Private University of Science and Technology
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As part of the qualification of the Arab Private University of Science and Technology for the ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Certificate
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Advertisement Job Vacancy at directorates of the Arab Private university for science and Technology The Arab Private University for Science and Technology has the desire to support its staff with full-time employees to work in the university directorates with an adminstrative job suiting the candidate's academic qualifications. Please send your CV. to the Human Resources Directorate via WhatsApp 0930404408. Dead time: Monday 13/6/ 2022 All applicants will be interviewed on Sunday 19/6/2022 at 11:00 am at the university headquarters Willing applicants will be contacted the next day of interview.
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