An invitation to a graduation arbitrate project for application talks to the student Saeed Al Nashar, supervised by Dr. Maisa Diab The app provides user communication service among users and it selects the right partner at work or in the community. Also, there are multiple other features.
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Presentation and discussion of graduation projects for students of the College of Informatics Engineering for the first semester of the academic year 2023-2024

The Faculty of Informatics Engineering at the Arab Private University for Science and Technology held a presentation and discussion of the graduation projects for the first semester of the academic year 2023/2024.In a statement to the Media Office, Dr. Adnan Younis, President of the University, praised these good efforts in the field of scientific research, enriching it according to the correct scientific foundations, focusing on technological development and its means and exploiting them in implementing many projects that serve the community, stressing that support continues for the faculties of the university in general, wishing everyone success. The discussion committee listened to a brief presentation by the students about the objectives of their projects, their importance, the stages and means of implementation, then presented the results and recommendations of their graduation projects, and a group of questions and inquiries were raised to the students by the discussion committee, to which the students responded and clarified them. The students are: Mohammed Fayez Al-Dunya. Heba Al-Sabbagh. Wafaa Abdi. Dunya Murad. Abdulrahman Daas. Mohammed Nour Dakkak. Bushra Adra. Hadeel al-Ali. Abed Bakkour. Abdullah al-Awad. Muhammad Munther Biski. Amjad Al-Sheikh. Anana Dhun. Baraa Bardan. The discussion was held in the presence of Dr. Maysa Diab, Dean of the College of Informatics Engineering, Dr. Fadwa Safieh, Vice Dean of the College of Informatics Engineering, and a group of supervising professors: Dr. Fadi Turkawi. Dr. Mahmoud Al-Ahmad. Dr. Asmaa Al-Shaar. Dr. Yusr Atassi. Dr. Inas Laila. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ali.
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