Faculty of Dentistry

Accreditation and Quality Assurance Unit

The unit aims to develop indicators to measure the outcomes of the college's strategic plans and propose their accreditation to the Quality Directorate as well as follow up the evaluation and auditing processes in the College. It also aims to develop a database on quality information in the college and to analyze the results of the periodic review and general directions of performance and submit reports and proposals to the Rector of the University.


Measurement and Evaluation Office

It is concerned with the development of measurement and evaluation tools within the faculty in conformity with the quality standards and academic accreditation, in order to ensure that the academic achievement reflects the true picture of the student's level, ensuring the achievement of justice and transparency in measurement and evaluation.


  1. Preparation of measurement tools (measures and questionnaires) required for assessments.
  2. Supervise the application, analysis and presentation of the various measurement tools in strict confidence in the evaluation to enhance the positive aspects and address the negative aspects, if any.
  3. Analyze the results of the courses tests and provide some statistical indicators of the quality of the tests such as consistency coefficients and the difficulty of the questions that the coordinators may be aware of in evaluating the suitability of the questions to measure the achievement of students.
  4. Present and discuss the results of the evaluation to faculty members to exchange views on the development of student assessment methods.
  5. Provide consultation to users of standards and questionnaires in how they are used, analyzed and interpreted.
  6. Organize and implement training courses in measurement and evaluation with a view to developing measurement and evaluation skills.
  7. Prepare Performance Indicator Reports periodically.

Internal Audit Office

Supervises the periodic review of the quality processes in the College through auditing the quality of the performance of the units and their efficiency in achieving the objectives set out systematically and acts as a guide to examine, review, follow up and analysis of the results and make recommendations and proposals to the Deanship to take the appropriate action.


  • Conduct internal quality audits to achieve mission, vision and objectives.
  • Verify the College's commitment to national and international quality assurance standards.
  • Documentation of good practices during audits and dissemination at the university level.
  • Develop an internal audit manual detailing the detailed working procedures for quality audits.
  • Submit quality audit reports to the Director of the Quality Assurance Directorate.
  • Develop quality control schedules.
  • Conduct self-study of all university programs and make the necessary recommendations and reports.
  • Training and educating the employees of the College on national and international quality assurance standards.

Academic advise manual