Faculty of Dentistry

Universal characteristics of graduates

  1. Graduates of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Arab University for Science and Technology are expected to enjoy the following characteristics:
  2. Comprehensive knowledge of the basic sciences and principles associated with the dental profession.
  3. The ability to think critically to deal with information from various sources in such a way that this information is integrated and analyzed to make a healthy clinical decision and be able to develop a plan of treatment appropriate to the needs of the patient health.
  4. Professional behavior and communication skills that enable them to deal with patients and all members of the health care team in a positive and effective according to the ethics of the profession.
  5. Ability to identify reliable sources of scientific information, possess adequate research methodology to evaluate scientific articles, and adopt a dental practice based on scientific evidence.
  6. The ability to identify the needs of the community in the areas of oral health and determine the reasons for providing appropriate and practical solutions to meet these needs.
  7. Manual and mental skills with a prominent level of compatibility between them to be able to complete all dental treatments expected of the general dentist practiced in the Syrian Arab Republic efficiently.

Article (3): Degree awarded:

The Arab Private University for Science and Technology - Faculty of Dentistry - grants a BDS.

Article (4): Duration of study

The period of study for obtaining the degree of BDS is five years, divided into ten levels (semesters), and requires the graduate student to succeed in (178 credit hours).