What architecture and the future of its graduates know more with us? Have you been struck by Burj Khalifa, the Egyptian Pyramids, Pisa Tower, Taj Mahal Mosque, or 'Basilica of the Holy Family's vision? These works and other amazing buildings and installations are designed by our friend " the architect " which can be you if you study architecture. What's the architecture? Architecture is known as "the engineering of buildings" which is applying the principles of technology and engineering on the building designing. The architect is responsible for finding the shape and using of the suitable 3D . This specialty is known as the science and art of construction and is concerned with the creativity of high performance building designs in terms of planning, construction and lighting. Achitecture has three theories: 1. Engineering: Complex or carefully designed structures. 2. Art: Art or practice designing and building the structure. 3. Construction style: The style in which the building is designed and constructedو especially which concerned to a specified period, place or culture. Views of some architecture pioneer: " Architecture is a way of seeing, thinking and questioning our world and our place in. " " Architecture is the art and science of making sure that our cities and buildings actually fit the way we want to live. Architecture has the potential to physically influence results. It can affect the way we communicate with each other and incease work production, support communities and neighbourhoods, improve health and even reduce crime.
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