Faculty of Architecture

Dean's message

Dear students in the Faculty of Architecture
       I have the honour to welcome you to the beginning of the academic year at your university. I am so glad about your selection of the Faculty of Architecture. Reminding you that the various world languages ( English/ Architect - Spanish/Architecte - Japanese/kenchikka - Chinese/Jiànzhú shī -  Russian/Arkhitektor..... etc, don't limit the architect with the title of engineer, not diminution of the architect value, but, because architecture is more than engineering and deeper than art. They take it upon themselves to adapt all technical schools and embracing various engineering disciplines. In addition to adopting the technological development in all its fields. 
       Moreover, architecture means logic which focuses on all kinds of science, the science of life, sociology, politics and economics,history, geography, climate and the environment and even mathematics from which the old golden percentage was quoted. It was complemented by the emergence of the new crushing and digital architecture. We all see that most of the world seven wonders are the production of the architecture and that what distinguishes most countries and gives them their global fame, enternal architectural work.
       So, the vision of the Faculty of Architecture in the Arab Private University for Science and Technology must be clarified. and its remarkable distinction through its renewed education plan, which focused each year on contemporary developments in building and information technology. To contribute to the reflection of advanced architectural ideas. That will contribute to the embodiment of advanced architectural ideas, which stems from the centre of authentic traditional architecture. So we wiil have sustainable contemporary architecture that respects the climate and social environment through our students' projects and their courses. Also, it takes into consideration economically the cost of construction and the operation.
       This is all through its modern and experienced scholar teaching staff, Who always endeavours to convey the most important developments of architecture and its latest trends and areas. In addition to the college halls and ceremonies. Thus, architechture will be a useful and pioneering teaching material.
       It works excellently to upgrade our architectural potential necessary to reflect the concept of architecture in Syria. Especially at this historic stage that allows us to put forward and embody our experience and the contemporary ideas that our imagination creates in the reconstruction phase.
                    Dear students, hope you to be a pioneering way to rehabilitate you to serve your families, society and the country. 
                    Welcome in your home
                    Let each of you be proud to be " an architect"

            Prof. Nedal Satouf