Faculty of Translation and Languages

Collage Vision

The Department of English Language and Literature was opened in the College of Translation and Languages in response to the position of the English language as the language of scientific, commercial and diplomatic communication, and it is the language of the print, audio and visual media. Therefore, the English Language Department helps to supply our beloved country with graduates who master English language skills from reading Writing, listening and speaking. So they find their opportunities in the scope of work, locally and abroad. This is what links our university to society as it qualifies distinguished efficiencies that fulfill its needs.


College Message

Creating a distinguished educational environment to prepare professional efficiencies in teaching English language and literature, translating, and spreading the culture of mastering the English language due to its importance in various aspects  of life, and thus the college fulfills the needs of the scope of the work and society.


Collage Objectives

The English Language Department aims to prepare graduates who are fluent in using the English language, so a study plan has been prepared that will build a graduate who keeps pace with the developments.

The English language grammar courses have been prepared to help students learn this language and master it perfectly. Also, for reading written texts, courses are designed to understand the topics included in these texts, so that the student's ability to understand them grows.
Listening and speaking skills form the cornerstone of language communication. Also translation has its good fortune, because it  spotlights  on the latest translation theories, principles and mechanisms, and in the practical application part, students translate texts from English into Arabic and vice versa.

As for the literary works of poetry, novel and theater, they aim to inform students about the history of English and world literature, the culture and social traditions that are presented by these works.

The critical essay courses, criticism and comparative literature aim to support the students' ability to think critically that depends on the logical objective approach.