Faculty of Translation and Languages

The Council of the Faculty of Translation and Languages consists of:

Dr. Wassef Salami President
Dr. Talal Al Khalil Member
Dr. Jaber Roumeih Member
Ms. Basmah Al Ali Member
Mr. Essam Asheikh Hammoud Member
Rasheed Al Ali Student Union representative
Ms. Marwa Abbara Council Secretary


College Council

The College Council consists of the Dean and the membership of the Vice Dean, heads of departments in the College, a representative of the Teachers union from among faculty members full-time in the College, two representatives of the Union of students of the College and heads of departments from other colleges when the Council considered matters within the terms of reference of their departments. The Dean shall designate the Secretary of the Council from the administrators of the College. The Council shall meet at least once a month whenever the need arises at the invitation of the Dean or at the invitation of half of its members or at the request of the University Council or its Chairman. In all cases, the agenda should be in writing at least three days before the date of the meeting. The meeting shall be valid only with the presence of at least half of its members. If the quorum is not completed, a later date shall be set one week after its date. The meeting shall be legal, no matter how many attendees. The resolutions of the Council shall be issued by a majority vote of the members present. Decisions of the Council shall be valid unless they are objected to by the Rector of the University within fifteen (15) days from the date of their arrival. If he objected, he shall return them to the College Council with his opinion to study them again. The University Council may approve, amend or cancel the decision, and its decision shall be final. The Dean of the College shall delegate some of his powers during the summer vacation period, if all decisions and recommendations made during that period shall be presented at the first meeting after the holiday. The number of faculty members at the rank of Professor and Assistant Professor in the College Council shall not be less than three professors, in addition to the Dean of the College and one of the faculty members of the College. When the Council cannot be formed in this manner, they may be replaced by teachers from the academic departments. The University Council replaces the college council on the proposal of the Dean.


  1. Develop rules concerning attendance of students, the system lectures and other university work.
  2. Proposing curricula and updating them coordination between the various departments and the distribution of lectures to faculty members with the assurance of the accuracy of the implementation of the plans of study in the College.
  3. Coordinate scientific research is in the departments in accordance with the decisions of scientific councils and approve a strategy for scientific research in the college.
  4. Organize college exams, distribute work to examiners and observers, submit proposals on them, approve their results and announce them in coordination with the University's Examinations Directorate.
  5. Proposing the award of compensation and remuneration to contractors, lecturers, researchers, visiting professors and those responsible for applied works.
  6. Proposal of scientific degrees.
  7. Proposing the training plan for faculty, technical, laboratory and administrative staff members.
  8. Submit proposals to the University Council relating to the College and the necessary funds for its implementation.
  9. Consideration of matters of dispatch and participation in symposia, conferences and scientific courses within and outside the Syrian Arab Republic.
  10. Approval of the annual report prepared by the Dean on scientific, teaching, administrative and financial matters.
  11. Matters referred to it by the University Council, its Rector, Vice-Rector or Dean of the College for study and opinion.
  12. Express an opinion on all subjects that the Dean of the College or a quarter of the members of the College Council consider.
  13. Express an opinion on all scientific, educational, research, administrative, executive and financial matters related to the College and other competences, in a manner that does not conflict with the competencies of the other councils.
  14. Appointing, deputation and promotion of faculty members and lecturers.
  15. Approval of the general plan for the application of quality and academic accreditation in the college.
  16. Approve the strategic plan of the college in accordance with the strategic plans of the university and submit them to the university council.
  17. Formation and determination of the rules of committees.